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Wanted: Empire Permafrost Parka

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  • Wanted: Empire Permafrost Parka

    Hey Folks. I have wanted one of those Empire Canvas Permafrost Parkas for years now, likely in a large size. Unfortunately, I do not really go on their facebook page constantly, which seems to be the only avenue to purchase one new. I figured that I would try posting here, in the event that someone is looking to sell one that is lightly used at some point. It seems like my only option. I have been trying for about 5 years now, I think. Haha. Cheers, Seth.

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    Even second hand they won't be cheap, Southcove had a parka for sale a while ago; over on the old WT site.
    I can vouch for the quality of the stuff he sells, but expect to pay at least 85% of new cost, maybe even more because of the immediate delivery


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      No worries. I would be happy to buy new, but I have missed every single new production cycle for the past five years. That's why I am reaching out here. There is some archive of parts of the old WT site, which seemed to indicate that someone was selling one. I figure that it wouldn't hurt to try my luck here. If this doesn't work, I will likely be making my own. I have the know how and equipment. I'm usually just a little short of time for these projects.

      Nice to see a familiar name over here. Am I remembering correctly that you are an Aussie, moondog55? I hadn't been on WT much recently, but was was on there religiously from 2010-2012. It's a shame that the site is no longer exists, but WCS can take over where WT left off.


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        sethwotten - I know that Southcove is part of this new forum but don't know how often he's able to visit due to being self employed; and very busy right now. I'll contact him via e-mail and let him know to contact you via the forum. Maybe you two can make a deal on the coat if he still has it.

        That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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          Yes I am an Aussie and unless I win the lottery I'll probably never get back to the Far North but I still dream of cold high places.


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            Thanks Snapper! Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky.