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    I have a 2005 era Snowtrekker 8x11 EXP Crew 2-3 person tent in good condition tent. I would really like to up size to a 4 person Snowtrekker model. Is there anyone out there that is looking to down size and would consider a trade? If so, reach out and we can discuss details of the tents and the trade. I am in northern Minnesota and would prefer to avoid shipping if possible. I am also not interested in selling my tent outright at this point.

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    I have a 10x13 Basecamp I'd consider trading. With screen, stove jack cover, and tarp. About 6 years old. Used about 8 times.
    I have don't the Pete B. Tie out mods ( that led to the clips they sell now)
    had them add x3 3/4" rings on the inside along the guy out pole seem, both sides.
    ​​​​​​also had them add x3 peak mounted D rings on the outside ridge. So I can ridge line hang the tent for drying and if I break a pole in the field.
    I'm that pantsless loud mouth that camps in front of the pistol range at the WCS.
    You have any pictures of yours?



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      Here are a few picture of the tent for trade. It has a velcro-in front window and one small glue-on patch from a spark hole. Also comes with a nylon floor that clips to the corners. I will send you a PM and we can talk details.