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A shot in the dark, any one looking to sell a Snowtrekker Tent

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  • A shot in the dark, any one looking to sell a Snowtrekker Tent

    Hey WCS Crew, my first post, but have been reading up on this forum for a year now. I hope to join in on some of the fun rendezvous’ that are hosted every year too!

    Maybe a shot in the dark… curious if anyone has a Snowtrekker Tent they’re gonna sell?!
    I missed out on one recently posted below… yet thought I’d put something out on the airwaves. Would love to find a BaseCamp 9.5x11.5 or the 10x13

    I’m new to Winter Camping, yet I have camped out other forms of hot tents for elk hunting(single pole T-P) and even modified an old ice fishing hub mostly for just backwoods ice fishing day trips. Would love to jump right into it!

    If I come up empty handed, I may just pull the trigger on going new. Been drooling over the 9.5 high country… or go to the 11x11?!


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    I have a brand new 10x13 Basecamp with upgraded clear final doors along with it if still looking for one. Bought 3 years ago and never took it out of the bag.


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      I may have got those dimensions wrong. will have to look. Its the second size up.


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        Correction, its the 10x13 Outfitter tent.


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          Just seen your posted and sent over a reply!