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Wanted: Aluminum pot set, or single pot, with tapered sides.

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  • Wanted: Aluminum pot set, or single pot, with tapered sides.

    I am on the hunt for a 3-pot set to be used in a stove that has a hole in the top. The taper of each pot would allow the base and part f the sides of the pot to be lowered through the hole into the flame for much shorter cooking times.

    Ideal would be a 4-6 L, a 2.5-3 L, and a 1.5 L.

    Way back in time two companies: "BillyBoy", and "Wolverine" used to make wonderful tapered pots with dbl-lip lids and a bail handle.

    I appreciate hearing from you with suggestions, or a pot or two to sell.

    Thank you!

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    Not selling but check catering suppliers for soup pot inserts, they are usually tapered for 3/4 or 2/3's of the depth and come with lids. Old fashioned steam table pots.
    Rivet a handle on if needed, usually stainless steel tho but weight difference isn't much. Indian grocery stores might have aluminium ones but check them out too for stainless steel units.


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      I think you are going to struggle on this one. The closest thing I have seen to a tapered pot are the gallon st/steel pails sold in Princess Auto.
      My suggestions would be:
      1. roll a ridge into the side of a thin wall pot. Dan from Zelph stove works was selling titanium pots with this feature They looked really neat.
      2. push “bumps” out the sides of the pot, maybe 6 around the circumference
      3. How about a long hose clamp tightened around the pot? I have seen silicone bands used for this on alcohol stove set ups but suspect the temperatures are too high on a wood stove
      4. Some sort of mesh basket or support to fit into the stove hole and the pot can sit on that


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        So just checking online for something else, it looks like GSI make some pots with a taper.


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          I found a link


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            Thanks Moondog! We are sharing the same goal here. Only thing is that I am hoping for less weight than the SS hot-cart pots would give, and I am imagining (Haven't cut the hole in the stove top yet to really learn) that the pot should insert perhaps 1/5 of the entire fire-box depth only, so that I can keep a cracking fire going. ON the other hand, the pots you've located would last longer than I will I am sure!

            BV, I like the look of some of the GSI pots you mentioned. And they are as light as I am going to find, I am sure. Now I'll have to raid the piggy bank to come up with all that $$. Your ideas of alternatives are always valuable, thank you! I must take the time to build a "pot-side-bump/ridge maker" device with precise control over how much I am "stretching the metal with each pass. The only pot I have tried this on seemed to be made of quite brittle aluminum and I created a hairline crack . It just doesn't do to slowly leak water down onto the fire!

            Okay, what mantra can I chant (or liquid can I drink) that will make it easier for me to cut a circle out of the top of a Ti stove!? That might be the real stumbling block!


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              I think it’s traditional to say” hold my beer and watch this”
              I think I would pay someone else to do it.

              maybe the aluminum work hardens when they form it? Try titanium next time!


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                While I don't have much experience cooking on a wood fired stove [ I mainly use mine for melting snow and tent heating] I find that wider and shallower pots work better for me, I have a GSI 4.6 litre wide pot that is my snow melting pot and use it for soups and stews too. But my winter camp is fixed for a few weeks at a time, not moving each day.
                Also with a stove that has both stiffeners to stop deformation and a fixed baffle cutting pot holes isn't possible.
                As far as weight goes some SS inserts weigh less than the aluminium equivalent, this has to be checked with each item as their is much variation in catering equipment.


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                  Hello Undersky check this link


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                    Thank you Kiggy! The shape of the flat-sided pot is perfect, I would imagine. Love the other items for sale there, too - valenki especially!


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                      If you want I can stop by the store and measure pot dimensions/ weight, they are cast aluminum, so it is on heavy side, but will last forever. I got from the store camel wool booties, 5L kettle and camel wool mitt liners
                      all in use and I love them


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                        Thank you very much for your offer, Kiggy.
                        I will not ask you to, though, as I noticed the weights listed (4.5 kg being the lightest pot/lid), and the prices are a bit steep for plan, too. But thanks anyway!
                        My goal is to get this solo kit under 15lbs for tent, ground sheet, stove, stove base, reflectors, axe, saw, pots & kitchen kit. Ha! Dreaming you say? Likely you are right, but the exercise is fun.


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                          I want to see your gear list. actually no food, no cloth, no sleeping bag, no pad- it is doable.
                          especially with titanium, how about toaks? if stove hole tight enough handles will hold pot in place or you can utilize bail to suspend it
                          This pot weighs just 5.6oz, is large enough to prepare a meal for two. It features oz and liter gradation, heat resistant handles, a lid with lockable grip.

                          probably cheaper from aliexpress or amazon


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                            We are kinda getting off the original thread, but no one else is participating just now, so maybe it is OK.

                            Administrator, if you prefer that I start a new thread I sure will.

                            Kiggy, thanks for the link to the toaks site; those pots look great. They are not tapered, but the handles would work, I am thinking. Now I have to drum up my gumption to spend the $ on one of their Ti pots.

                            The gear list is as post above:
                            Item (for solo trip) Current weight (lbs) Future hoped-for weight (lbs)
                            Tent 2.5 New version of tent will be of a little stronger material:
                            Ground cloth 1.8 .8
                            Stove & pipe 9 6
                            Stove base 2.5 1.3
                            Reflector sheets (3) 1 0.5
                            Axe 3.5 Shift from axe to knife and baton?
                            Saw 2.5 bow saw 1.0 small silky
                            2 Pots, 1 fry pan 4.5 1.5
                            Kitchen kit (cup, spoon, fork, flipper, knife) 1.5 0.7
                            Totals: 27.8 lbs 15.1 lbs
                            Regarding clothes, sleeping bag & mat, skis/snowshoes, footwear, sled, repair kit: this gear changes with weather, trip goals, snow conditions, etc., so I have excluded them for now.
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