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Morakniv Garberg?

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  • Morakniv Garberg?

    Anyone have one these Morakniv Garbergs? I'm looking to purchase one as a gift. I'm also debating on other knives within that price point. What are your thoughts on them?

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    If you don’t mind a carbon steel blade, how about the Condor Bushlore?


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      Originally posted by Bothwell Voyageur
      If you don’t mind a carbon steel blade, how about the Condor Bushlore?
      I love carbon steel blades. I'll check out the bushlore. I've never used one but for the price I can't go wrong. Thanks


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        I have a Garberg. Solid knife for the price. I have not used the Condor but trust BV's opinion. There are also some nice offerings in the Pukko style, not full tang but super nice knives. Check out Bens Backwoods site for examples of many.....



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          I got one on discount a few years ago and it's prevented me from spending any more $ on a knife. Looks like the sheath has changed since then; mine has an integral sharpening steel and fire stick.


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            The Garbergs I checked out brand new from Mora were dissapointing in factory sharpness, but that is remedied. The knife is a solid little bushcraft blade though.

            As to Condor, their knives are hit and miss on quality- bought one as a gift for a kid and the edge folded when doing a basic featherstick. I was embarrassed and promptly got him a new and much better knife.