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Trio of Takedown Buck Saws

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  • Trio of Takedown Buck Saws

    Here's a trio of takedown bucksaws I made for my winter camping friends and I last fall. We put them through their paces this winter and they really are a joy to use. They're based on the Esker design, which have the kerf/recess for the blade on the inside of the handle once assembled. I find this not only more comfortable, but necessary for being able to keep the windlass/toggle permanently attached. The result is only two components to fiddle with. The saws have small rare earth magnets embedded in the bottom of the kerfs to act as a blade keepers once assembled. (It should be noted that the blades are completely enclosed within the kerf, despite what the pictures show.) The holes containing the magnets also receive the small retaining pins installed on the crossbars. (You can see this on the smaller saw. I added them to the larger saws after these pics were taken.) This keep the whole package tidy and together when folded up. I made the larger saws to fit together with mortise and tenons and the smaller saw with dowel pins.

    They're made of varying degrees of figured maple, finished with Danish oil and topped with Renaissance Wax. I fitted the larger two with 24" Bahco dry wood blades and the little brother with the same blade at 21". The waxed canvas cases have a small channel sewn down each side that have thin, split-ash stays in them to give them some rigidity when putting the saws away and to provide structure for easier deployment when fastened to a pack. The two larger saws weigh in at 1 lb. 7 oz. each while the smaller comes in at 1 lb 4 oz. They're not lightest saws available, but I've discovered I like using classy gear in the winter woods and don't mind totin' it to get it there. Plus, they chew through wood like butta'! Thanks for lookin'.
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    Looking good. They will be highly valued for years to come.