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Log Skidding Tongs from Reburbished Ice Tongs

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  • Log Skidding Tongs from Reburbished Ice Tongs

    Since winter camping basically necessitates established a micro logging operation, I figured I'd go all in this season. I've been in lots of situations where lifting/dragging a log around is less than graceful and a helping hand would be ideal. I was at the antique store the other day and saw a mess of ice tongs rusting away in a corner. A light bulb went off, and I wondered if they could be used to pull/skid firewood-sized logs. The short answer is, they sure can. In fact, I drug a 100+ lb log around my yard for a half hour yesterday without a hitch...except for the looks the neighbors threw my way.

    I bought this particular set of tongs because of the orientation of the handle when the jaws are engaged (as opposed to the fixed, double-ringed variety that have the handle oriented 90 degrees to the jaws). These also will pack much easier, as they lay flat. I gave them a long vinegar soak and good scour to remove most of the rust, painted the lower portions of the jaws, cold blued the upper portions/links/handle, and added a leather-wrapped dowel to bulk up the handle.
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    I'll have to keep an eye peeled for something like that. Way to think outside the ice box!