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1930's Craftsman Double Bit

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  • 1930's Craftsman Double Bit

    Is this a camp axe? Probably not. Is this a cool axe? Without a doubt.

    I was given this early 1930's double bit beaut as a gift. It came hung upside down, which is pretty common with double bits. The bits were in rough shape, the eye needed some truing up, and it was caked in mud. I couldn't be happier with it in the end. I was even able to salvage the haft it came on. While not original, it was a very nice except for some cracks and chips in the palm swell. I cut all the damage away and rebuilt it with 5 laminations of walnut and lacewood. I trimmed down the overly bulky haft by giving it an octagon profile. The keen edge (used for chopping) is a laser at 22.5" degrees. The swamping edge (used for knots, limbing, working near the ground, splitting, etc.) is a stout 27-ish degrees. At 90 years old, it's looking better than ever in my book.
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    very nice, such tight glue joints! looks like you restored the bit to that sweet spot of "just enough and sharp" It keeps a lot of its character.