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    Looking for storage/transportation ideas. I have the Winnerwell Nomad Medium stove, the Pipe Oven, & Medium Water Tank.

    Obviously I'm a car camper...but I'm looking for ideas to safely and efficiently transport.

    I'm open to your ideas.


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    If you are car camping life is easy. Just use a big box. You could add dividers to help organise the various items Make it sturdy enough to sit on and you can use it as a seat in the tent. Just make sure its light enough to carry when full!


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      I'm using Milwaukee packouts for storage and transport when 4x4 camping


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        Canoe style wannigan, 1/4" plywood, epoxy and tape construction, custom sized for your needs, lightweight, heck of a strong, great flat surface doubles as a in camp low table (or higher cook table with some built in legs)


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          not a winnerwell (I build my own stoves) but all I do is I've cut the pipes down to fit inside, along with the ash shovel and heat baffles, and wrap the whole thing in a 4' square of waxed canvas tied with cord. That way I can just pull off the cord (which becomes my drying line) and use the canvas as a floor mat over the nasty slippery tarp. that way I can just lift the canvas and shake it off if it becomes snowy or dirty. there's no zippers or clips to get fouled up and it does double duty that way, plus it's easy to access if I need something dry on the trail to sit on, or I can lay it across the branches of a tree if I need an expedient shelter overhead due to bad weather.


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            I use Plano sportsman totes, everything else is in duffels or toboggan tanks.


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              I have my Winnerwell Large Nomad View stove in a Rubbermaid type plastic "tote" though I do not know the brand name. I then have my Winnerwell FastFold oven, water tank and under stove fire mat in a large size milk type plastic webbed crate. The accessories could have been placed in another appropriate sized Rubbermaid type container as well but I just used what I had. I saved the foam cushioning pieces from the shipping of the Winnerwell products to help protect the stove glass etc when stored and transported in the plastic totes.