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  • Single Pot Bush Cooking Kit

    What is your go-to setup for a single pot packable cook kit for traveling in the bush? I use an aluminum pot and a four dog bush cooker. I am still on the hunt for the "perfect" aluminum or titanium pot that's about 1L to 1.5L in size. What would you recommend?Click image for larger version

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    Heavy Duty I'm still looking for the right setup myself, but I am curious about your Bushcooker stove. Which size do you have there, and do you feel like you got the right one? I found myself on Don's site again today, looking at them... again.


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      I do feel like it's the perfect size. I can fill it with wood, and have about 15-20min of good burn time plenty enough for 2 heats of water in that pot. First heat for re-hydrating food, second for hot drinks. I do have a smaller one that I haven't used yet. I think the stove is spot on, just not sold on the pot.


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        My kit is generally a bailed 2L pot with lid, and a cool handle or other such camp skillet... I only heat water for tea or oatmeal, and I only make frybread or fry the odd fish,,,
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          I would recommend you Snow Peak Trek 1400 got mine like a decade ago no issues, Using it on gas stove, camp fire year around. doesn't have bail you should be able to nest your pictured pot and stove in it


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            I like the Mors Pots which I get from Four Dog Stove. They have a couple of different sizes. They have both a handle and a bail and the lid snaps in place so it won't come of if the pot tips over.


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              For 3 season camping, I use the GSI Pinnacle Soloist cook kit. It's a 1.1L hard anodized aluminum pot, nesting bowl and spork, lid. The carrying bag also doubles as a wash basin. For winter camping my cook kit is a GSI Halulite Ketalist kit and a small 8" frying pan. I find the larger surface area of the kettle makes water boil faster on a woodstove than the pot in the Soloist kit.