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Proper summer storage of a plastic toboggan?

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  • Proper summer storage of a plastic toboggan?

    My buddy and I built a couple of UHMW-PE toboggans this winter and they turned out nicely, but now that it's the "off season" I am wondering how to properly store them. Mine will go in the (hot!) rafters of my un-insulated garage, so I assume it's best to store it flat. That's not a problem, but should I also untie the rope to relax the front curl? Or does that matter?

    Here's a photo of my finished toboggan, for grins n' giggles...


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    I have several with soft curl fronts, and I do not un-lash them, I have never had any issues. I store mine in a garage as well. I store them flat on a shelf.



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      I leave mine still lashed. I store mine in my gear room rolled up during the summer. It does not seem to affect it any.


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        Thanks fellas, that’s helpful!


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          Mine, is HDPE. I leave the curl but I built a cradle for it above my garage door.


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            I have stored my HDPE toboggan every summer for nearly 10 years on a shelf in a hot garage and mine has held up pretty well.


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              My toboggan is very similar to yours - I don't untie anything, but do lay it flat in a cool, dark basement. No issues thus far, a few years in.

              I would suspect that keeping the whole thing curled would probably not do any long term harm, though I don't know for sure... UHMWPE is super resilient stuff so I imagine it would flatten out again pretty quickly with a little use after even a whole season. I've kept mine curled for weeks at a time in the winter before - no ill effect. Whether I curl it up for a 1 hour car ride or a couple weeks, it takes the same amount of effort/time to flatten it out.


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                Mines curled on a shelf in the back of the garage. Never thought of storing it flat. Don't know if I have the space to do so?? I'll have to see if being curled has had any negative affects.