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    This hardly seems like it belongs in a winter camping forum. Nonetheless, Nebraska winters are pretty lame, generally speaking. Really lame. We either have cold and no snow or snow and no cold. In between, it looks like a dead wasteland for months on end. That all makes it hard to traverse the winter woods with all the trappings of hot tenting. As such, I cobbled together this wheeled travois to get into some backcountry sites over dirt. It worked so well this late season that I’m thinking about building something more respectable, including a harness system.
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    WOW, very cool!


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      You are on to something, great idea!


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        That's great! Nice work


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          Looks like a reasonable solution to a lack of winter snows. Glad it allows you to get out and enjoy the back country.

          That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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            Great idea. I think you need bigger wheels. My dad made us a canoe cart that used kids BMX wheels. It coped with rough terrain much better than carts with smaller wheels. You may want to look into Dixon Roller Packs-


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              Agreed, and I’ve looked at the Dixon Roller Packs for a few years now. There’s a few other variants coming to market, it seems. Alas, this contraption was just cobbled together with junk from my garage. 😎 I didn’t think my kids would like me chopping their bikes. 😂
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            soo... a 4 season portage cart.... That's really taking the "multiple uses" mantra to the extreme!👍
            just a word of warning though- that looks like my cart and I found that over time the elbows would start to twist and bend from bouncing with a load on it, I solved it with a few pieces of 1/8x 3/4 aluminium plate gussets and some heavy duty aluminium rivets, don't use steel because galvanic action will loosen and rot the metal.