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  • Pulk used for injury (people/animal)

    Last week our daughter’s dog, 90% lab 10% Shepard, 108 lbs of a big mushy baby came over as usual and ran after a squirrel in our yard. Poor guy tore his ACL and was howling in pain. My wife was home and she felt terrible for him. Long story short after the vet, Neptune was drugged up and limping badly. Not easy trying to carry him especially up the steps or down into daughters apartment. I figured I could use our little red wagon to lay him in and pull him to her door then carry him, that was the original plan. Then I realized he’s to big for the wagon and thought about my pulk. I laid the pulk on top of wagon and figured we could pull him then slide the pulk up and down her steps( about 12). That was the plan, but we didn’t try it. Daughter was nervous and the big guy was able to hop and limp into our house with only 2 steps. He will stay with us for a few weeks before and after his operation. Years ago in the ADK my pulk (different one) was used to help a young cross country skier get back to the Cabin after hurting himself. Thought I’d share.
    best health and wishes to all.
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    Hoping for a successful surgery and full recovery.


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      Thanks, late June for ACL. Heard he needs very little movement for 2 months as per my daughter.


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        My last dog, about the same size as your daughters if not larger, tore ligaments in both rear legs in her old age (and her advanced stage of "fluffiness" ). I took a canvas grocery store bag, cut it so it looked like a firewood carrier. It made a wide sling with handles. I put the wide sling under her belly, lifted the handles a bit and supported her hind quarters whenever she needed to walk. I'm sure that it would work just as well for her front end if that was the end that was injured. She got around great, although it looked a bit funny.

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      awbrown, wow just read this yesterday. I thought about you yesterday and thinking about how difficult that must have been.
      this morning i woke up and my wife told me that Neptune tore his other acl last night jumping on my daughter’s bed.
      holy crap! They came over around 1am while I was sleeping. Just an hour ago I used the sling under his belly to help him get outside to go potty. It was so difficult to help him without me tripping over him. Yea heavy at 110 lbs now. I can’t imagine your dog. His other acl was healing recently. They were rethinking the operation in 2 weeks. Now this happens. Plus he is in her wedding reception in September. Did your dog have the operations or was he/she to old? Whew. Poor guy. Best health to all.


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        Just saw it was a she. The sling is tough because when he went potty the sling was sliding over his private part. Maybe they need some type of harness. Sorry for making this a dog thread but it must have happened to someone’s dog out on a trip.