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  • Facemask While Sleeping

    Hi Folks,

    I want to get some advice from the pros.
    My daughter and I have started winter camping. I've worked hard to keep it fun and keep it comfortable. It's simply wonderful.

    When it comes to sleep she's warm. The only thing she brought up was that she has a cold nose. It's not a complaint, but more of a "it would be nice if..."
    I'm not attempting to raise the next Jeremiah Johnson, I'm just trying to make some memories with my 11 yr old before those days are gone and from what I'm told, the time flies. If she's having fun and if she's comfortable, it's more likely she'll want to spend time outside with me.

    So...I have some ideas about face masks...since we're all wearing masks now...would something like this work in our hot tent when we head to bed for her or would it just get cold, wet, & frozen?

    We're Minnesota campers & residents so we know and understand the cold.

    If that's not a good idea, what do the pros recommend?
    Thank you.

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    I have used a buff and a balaclava before. I’m not sure I like either of those options a lot but when the temps dip enough for my nose to get cold they both have allowed me to sleep more soundly.

    What ends up happening with me is the fabric gets damp from my breath and ends up freezing into a sort of shield. There is always a gap between it and my skin and it doesn’t restrict my breathing but when I roll over or shift a lot I might need to recenter it.

    Having a face covering has other benefits as well. It reduces overnight dehydration though the breath by quite a bit. That helps reduce possible irritation and also adds a fair bit of warmth.
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      Whatever works and is comfortable. It will collect moisture overnight but easily dried out by the stove in the morning. See some ideas here:


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        I use a couple different items depending on how cold it drops overnight.

        for the coldest nights, I use this fleece mask with a wool beanie as well.

        Dont be afraid to use layers on her head as well.


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          I'd suggest a small fleece blanket just big enough to cover your head and overlap with the top of the sleeping bag. I attach mine to the sleeping bag with velcro tabs, but that may not be necessary. The sleeper can arrange the blanket as she wishes depending on the temperature. It seals up the top of the bag and keeps the head warm. In very cold temperatures I sleep with my head completely covered by the fleece, which is warm and comfy and easy to breathe through. In the morning it will be damp but it dries quickly. This is the best solution I have found so far, after trying all kinds of hats, balaclavas and hoods.


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            I usually go winter camping with a wool shirt or two. If it gets so cold at night that my nose starts feeling it, I usually throw a wool shirt over my head. Wool allows some to most of the moisture to escape as well as keep the heat in. I have also thrown my down water resistant jacket over my head, but I find it doesn't breath as well.


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              I wear a stocking cap that is big enough to pull down over my nose while still leaving the mouth area room to vent.


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                I've found that a neck gator sutes me as well as anything and is adjustable. If my nose gets uncomfortably cold, I pull it up over my nose and below my eyes. The gator, used in conjunction with a knit watch cap has always worked well for me.

                I'm glad to hear that your daughter is interested in winter camping with you. Quality time, for sure. Good luck in your search to find something that works for her and that she's comfortable with. Enjoy!