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    Who has them ? Pro's and cons

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    I've been using them for around 20 years. They're light, tough and you don't have to worry about wet spring conditions. What more could you ask for?

    I can't think of any cons.


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      Pretty much all pros as stated above. Much tougher than leather webbing. The strands are round rather than flat so they may provide less flotation for an equivalent amount of webbing than flattened gut strands. They do pick up snow under certain conditions but no more so than other webbing; probably less. Makes a very pretty shoe.



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        Thanks guys, I like the fact that gut strands offer a little more flotation cause I m a fat ass! Lol


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          I have two pairs or Ojibwa style shoes that I made and laced with mono line, one in ash and one in PVC/hickory (gasp!). They've been pretty bomber for several seasons. Had them down to about -25/30F (jacket weather for some of you) and in up to four feet of dry, powdery snow in the Colorado Rockies. Can't say I've noticed much difference in flotation between them and my shoes with TechDeck lacing from Country Ways, but there may be some in theory. My favorite part, other than being very light, is that I only have to finish the frames, not the webbing. Super easy.
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            Those are awesome


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              I am no expert in traditional snowshoes, most of mine are modern, however I picked up a pair of 12"X60" from Snowshoe Sales and Repairs made with monoline. They have treated me well in the 20 days of use they have seen so far and look new still.

              Snow doesn't stick and I get plenty of float. The only time I had an issue was when I had to go through a slush pocket, the icing goes through the weaving and it takes some knocking to break it off. On my modern snowshoes the decking can not hold any ice since it has no holes.

              Here is the link to the product page of what I got. I have the "Continental".
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