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    Bear paw vs modified bearpaw , which would have more floation? Mostly for hunting eastern hard woods

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    In my opinion, the modified bearpaw would be more practical as it's a "do anything" type of shoe. They're short enough that you can still negotiate through underbrush but the added length is helpful when going cross country. My Green Mt. bearpaws (just a different name for the same thing) work really well in most conditions so when I'm using traditional shoes, they're the ones I use.

    That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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      The amount of flotation is determined mainly by the surface area of the shoe in contact with the snow. The tightness of the weave is also a smaller factor. So a bearpaw and a modified bearpaw with the same surface area would have roughly the same flotation.

      To me the main reason for getting a "modified" bearpaw would be if I was frequently following trails made by people with relatively narrow snowshoes, such as most modern ones. Following a narrow trail in a wide snowshoe can be really annoying. But if you are mostly breaking your own trail, especially in heavy bush, the classic bearpaws are my favourite type.



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        Picked up a pair of 14 x32 bearpaws, really like them so far