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    Anybody have experience with the Robens brand of canvas tents? They're in Europe, but seem like a quality product. Look at specifically the Prospector Shack...but any information on anything Robens would be great. I've seen the videos the company puts on YouTube...but other than that, there's not much out there about them. Thanks!

    Finally, what would you say would be comparable in the US to what Robens offers...again specifically on the Prospector Shack primary...but I'm open to any information that anybody would be kind enough to share.

    Thank you.

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    I have no direct knowledge or experience with Robens, but they look good from their catalog. The only comment I have is that I don't like the stove location being in the rear. I prefer the stove to be located in the front so I don't have to haul the wood all the way through the tent. Keeping the stove in the front keeps the mess to a minimum. I also prefer the stove pipe exit through a side wall instead of through the roof. Keeps creosote and spark damage to a minimum.