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Remote teaching post storm!

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  • Remote teaching post storm!

    Not sure how to explain this but I set up the ST with kni co stove for tomorrow. Here about 25 miles east of NYC the storm is expecting to dump 8-12” of the white stuff!
    I’m going to surprise my 3 rd graders tomorrow morning and go “live” from inside with a cozy fire.
    The reading lesson will be fun The Year of Miss Agnes. Takes place 1948 in an Athabaskan village.
    It happens to be my birthday also so I’ll make up a crown to wear. Mom tells me it snowed the day I was born 1960.
    principal liked my idea for next weeks show and tell BUT the Covid numbers are on the rise so no tents allowed.
    I understand and will make it up to the kids. You know there is camping in Brooklyn! I’m hoping to turn some city kids into future outdoor seawards to help out our environment. Best to all.

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    Pictures? We want to to see the crown!


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      Great post! Love this. Passing the knowledge on to the younger generation is key to keeping the candle lit!



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        Coldfeet - Sounds like a wonderful lesson plan you've got there. Your kids will love it. We ended up with over 24" up here in my neck of the woods; the predictions were for up to a foot. Down in Binghamton they received 40" so I'm wondering what you had to contend with? All the snow should really add to the ambiance of your classroom campsite. Can't wait to hear how it all went.

        That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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          Success! Kids loved it! I strapped on some traditional bear paw shoes carried the laptop around the yard and we went for a walk.
          then I connected the hip belt and pulled the little pull around. They laughed when my shoes crossed over and down I went! Plop!
          but the winds were howling and the sides of the tent were starting to close in.
          Did my best to turn them onto winter wonderland.
          In a few weeks I’m off to the NY ADK and will video some scenes for them. Best to all.


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            Snapper, about 8” here heavy with 1” of crust on top.
            mat the edge here near the rain line close to the ocean.
            40” Binghamton, oh boy. Lucky college closed.
            great news for the skiers. Good for them.
            Hey BV, crown posted!


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              Plus I took 2-3 minutes to show and explain importance of fire safety with the extinguisher.