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Frost River Campfire tent

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  • Frost River Campfire tent

    I am in need of a new tent. As I live in a 600 sq ft house. I do not want to builf storage buildings that are larger than my house.
    I am looking at the Frost River Campfire tent in part because it is a 4 season tent. Does anyone have any experience with this tent?

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    My only comments are ;that having had a clone; that the 2' back wall is too low and that 10ounce fabric is too heavy if something lighter is available.
    Something in 4 or 5ounce would be a lot lighter and much more compact, although that fabric is very hard to find. The LW tents work better with flysheets but polyester fly sheets weigh little and take up a small space.
    We have a local maker who has made quite a few Baker tents in 5 ounce for export to Canada but he uses loomstate cotton and it would need to be treated with rotproofing after market


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      Campfire tents aren’t a great winter tent as the roof tends to gather snow, the 2ft back wall is one way they try to reduce this, and as Moondog says 10oz fabric is very bulky. Most of the “winter” tent manufacturers will add summer upgrades. Snowtrekker will add extra windows and door mesh to make their tents all season. Same for Ellis Canvas. Both these companies use a 7oz fabric.
      You could also use a canvas tipi style tent with a mesh inner in hot weather. If you have a tent with a short wall and supported by guy lines a couple of feet up from the ground you can roll the wall up for more ventilation during hot weather. One of the tents from Atuk in their 7oz canvas would be good for this.


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        I'm considering one of these as well, most of my camping is late fall / early winter, hunting and salmon fishing Hoping someone who actually owns one adds some comments.