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Snowtrekker Shortwall 8x10 or 9x11.5

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  • Snowtrekker Shortwall 8x10 or 9x11.5

    Hi, new to the forum. I am about to purchase a Snowtrekker, and am looking for some feedback on a couple of questions that I have. First, I do almost all of my camping solo. Does anyone use the 9x11.5 as a solo tent, and does anyone think that this is just too big for solo adventures? Second, because of the size of my pack donkeys, does anyone use the small Kni-Co stove for the 9x11.5? I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks!

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    I don't have as much experience as the others, but I rented the 8.5 x 11 short wall with a medium stove in January. There were two of us and it was tight. I think it is a great size for solo. I would not have a small stove as the medium was perfect unless temps are going to be in the +20F range. It was -15F and the medium worked, but I would not have wanted a smaller stove, especially because of all the extra wood processing and small load capacity of the small stove.


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      I can set up a 9x11.5 three-person short wall by myself, but the same feat would be true of the 8x10 model. So I wouldn't say it's too big. It may be more of a question of how much more weight you want to pack. Perhaps splitting the difference between the smaller tent paired with a medium stove is worth a ponder.


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        I have a 9x11.5 and have used it as a solo, but I also use it for three people often. If I was mostly solo, or camping with one other person, I would definitely go a smaller tent. The 8x10 is a great tent for one or ocassionally two people.
        Don't forget that the larger tent is heavier by three pounds, plus the extra flooring and possibly larger stove. More wood to heat the tent.
        Both sizes are going to be pretty similar to setup- just have to be careful of the weight of the tent on the poles when initally tossing the canvas up.


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          Thanks for the input. I am hopeful that the size of pack animals will increase in the future, so that is one reason why I would like the larger sized tent. But the medium or large stove seems to big to pack on the animals I have right now. Fall and spring are the times of the year I would be using this tent the most, but I would also look forward to doing some winter camping with it as well. But, since nearly all of my camping is solo, maybe I am just wasting weight and space with the upgrade in size. This is my dilemma.

          Not being able to see the tents or stoves in person before ordering is probably causing the most indecision.


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            Originally posted by dcannon
            Not being able to see the tents or stoves in person before ordering is probably causing the most indecision.
            Pics don't even really help. You almost have to set up your own gear inside to see what it is like. Here is a pic from the back wall where my sleep system was set up. As you can see, not much room for two people. We had to take my buddies gear and pile it on top of mine so we had a place to sit. I ordered a Roll-A-Cot and my trial runs where promising. By sled bag fits under the cot and at 15 inches high, you can use it as a seat as well. I would highly suggest trying a small stove before buying. I can't wait to get my large 4-Dog titanium stove where all the pipes fit inside and I can load large pieces of wood that have a significantly longer burn time.
            Click image for larger version

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