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Velcro Stove Jack for Hub Fish House

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  • Velcro Stove Jack for Hub Fish House

    I have been winter camping for about a dozen years and for the first time planning a couple solo trips. I have a small hub fish house that has Velcro windows which are removable and I would love to just be able to replace that window with a stove jack. Does anyone have experience doing this? I haven't sewn a thing since high school home economics class over 20 years ago so I'm hoping to be able to avoid any sewing. I have found some for sale with Velcro but none the size I would need. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    A friend of mine did exactly what you are thinking of. I helped him get started with the sewing. I think you are on the right track. Small sewing projects like this are not that hard and can be very rewarding and even fun . I started sewing as an adult and found it easier and more straight forward than I remember it from home economics in school. Good luck.


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      Funny, I have this same project on my list, though it'll be a while before I get to it. Ripstop by the Roll sells stovejack material by the linear foot. They also sell velcro, etc. You can most likely use the window as your template. It's a small enough project to hand sew if you don't have access to a machine. Or you might even be able to bring your prepped materials to a local upholstery shop or even tailor and have them do it. Another option is an exit 1 stove jack by canvas camp (bolt through--no sewing unless you want to clean up your raw edges. A friend in AK used this or a similar one on his hub tent. It worked, but for some reason he wasn't 100% pleased with it.

      I haven't looked hard enough at mine to see see if the windows will provide enough clearance around the stove pipe. If not I'll cut out an air vent--same concept but a little more work.


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        Buy a piece from me ( and I’ll sew the Velcro in place at no charge if you let me have the dimensions


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          Bothwell I make take you up on that. I will contact you through your site. I have seen those jacks from canvas camp as well. I think the windows in my Eskimo are roughly a foot by a foot so I think it will work.
          Thank you all for your responses. Good to know other people are thinking along the same lines.