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    Hi all - just started the conversation around buying a 10x13 tent, either the basecamp or outfitter. Curious to know if anyone has experience using either of these models, how many people you've fit in it (socializing vs. sleeping), cots vs. pads on the floor, as a home base for a hunting camp, etc. Interior pictures would be awesome. Thanks!

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    We used a 10x13 Basecamp for a -15° F three-day weekend. Four of us had plenty of room for camp chairs close enough to the woodstove to stay very comfortable. We used the very back and the sides for food storage, gear, wood, etc. No one slept inside but we used hammocks on nearby trees which kept the snorers out of earshot. The Basecamp worked very well for cooking, drying gear, changing gear, and bs-ing when we weren't messing around outdoors. If we had had a 5th camper, that person would have been tucked into a colder back corner. Doable, but 4 was ideal for our group. We had a lot of "stuff" because we were only a 20-minute walk from our vehicles.

    By comparison, I have the 9x11.5 three-man Shortwall. I've only used it solo so far, but it feels like 4 people would be squeezed for elbow room and have less headroom while seated. Doable, but the larger, taller Basecamp would be much better.


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      Thanks SD_Motak for sharing, very helpful!

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    10x13 will accommodate 4 adults sleeping on the ground, and will fit 8 for dinner. 2 on cots would be my personal opinion on limit capacity.