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  • Quick Release Snow Anchors

    I hate digging up dead man/snow anchors. This season I spliced up some dog bones (length of line with a loop at either end) out of some low-friction Zing-It. I attached a dog bone to the loops on my guy lines with a larks head/cow hitch. The running end goes around the snow anchor (I use sticks), back through the loop on the guy line, and is secured with a stick/toggle. When you strike camp, pull the toggle and the whole shootin' match comes undone. Here's a little video...

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    Nice. What is the length of your dog bones and were you satisfied with the length?


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      They’re 24” finished length. Happy so far.
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        Yes, I used a similar system for years with a lavvo, looping the line around a stick then burying it, and tying off the line with a truckers hitch and quick release knot. Just release the knot and pull the line through when it's time to go. As you note it helps to use a thin and slippery line: I use high test dyneema fishing line. Now I use a self-standing tent and that is much easier, requiring only a couple of tie-outs.



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          Nice. Very clever. Thanks for sharing.


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            I've done something similar for years, but I tie a length of heavy sisal twine to the stick, then attach my guyline to it- that way, if the line itself freezes in, I can cut the sisal and let the mice and birds dismantle it in the spring for their nests, or let the spring rains rot it away. I've gone back to the same area in the summer and never found any trace of the cord...