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Stove pipe support / retainers.

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  • Stove pipe support / retainers.

    Pls share pics / diagrams of your approach to stabilizing and connecting nested stovepipe sections. I remember seeing an annular device at WCS that held the pipes and sent three wires to tent corners and one pole top (i think) as a triangular support but for the life of me cannot remember how it was done. Also interested in approaches for ensuring nesting pipes stay together. Thank you!

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    Here what I came up with on my most recent tent conversion. It consists of a large hose clamp, small binder, p cord and line tensioners. The lower rope is a guy out right where I put the chimney so I added metal cable that hugs the chimney giving it more support.


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      my pipes are conventional, not nested, but I just use a length of light cable with spring clamps on the ends- clamp one side to the tent edge near the peak, wrap around the pipe, and clamp the other near the wall, the weight of the pipe anchors it in place.


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        Mine consists of a stainless clamp, 3 harness rings and some pieces of galvanized plumbers strap. One line goes to each end of my Snowtrekker tent, where there are tie off rings. The 3rd line goes straight to the ground directly under the stove pipe. This photo shows a similar design to mine.


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          I have rigged my stovepipe in this fashion. Haven't tried it in the field yet.


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            My pipe is not nesting, but I used stainless wire with a couple tieout loops twisted into it.
            Seems like something similar should work on nesting pipe too, just place it right above the roll formed bead on the pipe and it won't be able to slip down any further.
            A little down angle on your tie outs will hold the pipe together and keep it from shaking in the breeze.

            The top ring right below the side cutters has tieout loops.

            Click image for larger version

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              Here's the system that I made. I believe this is what you're talking about and works the same way as posted above. I have three mounting tabs on a 4"-5" stainless steel dryer duct hose clamp. I purchased this style because it will not rust and the thumb screw. They're spaced 120 degrees apart. The carabiners are used to clip the rear shortwall tieoff on the ground, the peak front ring and the front wall left stake. They're all the same length I use aluminum guy-out adjusters to dial in the position of the pipe.

              I made the attachment with some .06" aluminum trim angle from menards. drilled holes for the 1/8" stainless rivet. Note that the rivet head is on the inside and faces the outside, this is required to allow a better fit of the hose clamp around the stove pipe. I backed the heads and the back of the rivet with aluminum rivet washers.

              Super easy to make and I have this in my tent pole bag.

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                Really interesting ideas here! I might rig something similar to awbrown and Heavy Duty... normally I just create a bipod of 2 'just strong enough' sticks, drop the stove pipe into the V they create, and wire it down with a length of ~20 gauge wire.

                Still on the fence in regards to keeping the sections of stove pipe together. I sometimes ask myself things like: "Is securing both the end of the pipe and the stove - while allowing the tent/jack to billow in the wind - adequate to keep the segments together (it has been for years so far...)." or "Should I rig up something (small screws, a simple wire 'winch' system, etc.) 'just in case'? Is it necessary?"

                I'll keep watching this thread.