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Atuk Cree vs Snowtrekker

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  • Atuk Cree vs Snowtrekker

    I'm in Canada so I'm leaning toward an Atuk Cree instead of Snowtrekker. It's a reputable company (1 man operation) with free shipping and about 2/3 the cost of a Snowtrekker. The only real decision I have now is to get either 7oz or 10oz canvas. I'm probably getting the 14'x16' to fit my family of 5 plus a couple guests. I'd love your thoughts on the Snowtrekker vs. Atuk and the 7oz vs 10oz. Also, what stove size would I need here in -25C Manitoba?

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    Go 7oz. What no one tells you is that the number is the base weight of the fabric. By the time the waterproofing is adding the fabric weighs another 2-3oz per yard. Even more importantly the lighter fabrics pack up much smaller. I would go with a 12 x 12 x 24 stove. Either the Knico Alaskan or the GW Metals stove. As well as the heat the bigger stove top will be good for cooking for the family. The Knico has the better stove pipe.


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      I have an Atuk Kanguk 9' (a very different model than the Cree) for solo camping, had a 12'x15' Atuk Prospector in 10 oz. (base camping), and have a larger Snowtrekker Basecamp for groups (the style of trip of which I do in about equal measure). Both of the current ones are great, and though each have their differences (aside from style), I think you'd be happy with either.

      Seconded on the 7oz. The way to go... and if you take care of it (careful with your stove setup and fuel for embers; put away tent totally dry to prevent mildew/rot; generally avoid scuffing + unnecessary wear, etc.), there will be no problem and only benefits as Bothwell Voyageur alluded to.

      Have fun choosing, and let us know what you end up going for!


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        Ordered the 15' Atuk Artic with 3' walls in 7oz. Got the Little Bull stove from Atuk as well. Can't wait for it to arrive! Kids are even more excited than me to try it in the yard.