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Sew my own winter pullover shirt What style do you prefer?

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  • Sew my own winter pullover shirt What style do you prefer?

    A fantasy post really but I have the fabric and even if it never gets used by me I'd like to have it.
    Having a look at Inuit clothing and the inner shirt they wear is a very simply short Vee neck. What do you fellers prefer?
    Just having an inner debate with myself on whether to sew up with a collar or to go collarless for better layering. If I go with a collar would you prefer a tall collar in the western manner or a short collar in the Chinese/Russian style.

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    not quite the same, but my favourite winter sweater is a British navy one with no collar and a small vee. It helps eliminate bulk around the neck, prevents chafing, and the vee helps with ventilation while making it easier to get at the chest pocket on my inner layers.


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      My fav is a wool zip-turtleneck or zip-hoodie with a longish zipper. It can be wide open to access pockets underneath, or to ventilate, or it can be zipped right up for best warmth or for sleeping in and keeping body and hair oils off that hard-to-clean sleeping bag.


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        I did have an internal debate about having a hood.
        This would to be to be worn under the surplus M-65 Fishtail parka if that makes any difference


        • Paradise
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          Editing a comment
          Do you use a quilted polyester liner with the parka ?

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        Yes I do Paradise but I bought the parka with the intention of using it as a general purpose cool /cold weather garment and not as a dedicated shell.
        I also got a second liner and cut the sleeves off to give me a double layer of insulation in the torso and that would make it better in cold weather. Plenty of room underneath one of these to layer up. But remember I'm in Australia and I usually wear a simple windshirt or Goretex