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  • DIY Mukluks ?

    I'm going to be making these just for fun.
    But I do have a few questions.
    Firstly is it possible to make these too warm?
    Secondly is using a second exterior layer of insulation just on the foot area in the way that the new Canadian army winter boot is made a better way to go, rather than having two full length layers such as an inner heavy fleece sock?
    I have an old German made blanket here that I bought S/H in an Op-Shop from the dog blanket box because it looks like it was hot washed and has semi-felted and is almost 20mm thick. I was going to use this as the primary legging and use some lighter weight blanket as a foot only cover.
    I have been experimenting with sewing my own hut booties at the moment and they are much warmer and more comfortable with a double layer on the sole but I doubt I can sew through that many layers of the heavy blanket I have so what is the best way to have enough insulation under the foot, other than felt , CCF or something like the Supafeet reflective footbeds?

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    Can’t speak to all of your questions, but regarding under foot insulation, I use a layer of CCF under my main insulation liner and a molded insole inside of it. Depending on temps, I add more/less insulation inside my main liner by way of thinner/thicker socks and/or thin blanket wool liners between my socks and main liners. I also tuck my wool trousers down inside my canvas uppers to wrap around my main liners, which kind of acts like a second layer of insulation. I’ve found the key is to be able to adapt your level of insulation as well as remove it to dry things out.
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      So how loose are blanket liners usually sewn? On the LOTN website it looks like the blanket liners are very loose. Do they shrink and conform to your feet after being worn for a while?
      So you use a good footbed inside the liners then?


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        All of my mukluk insulation layers fit a tad loose. Think comfy slipper versus a dress shoe. Plenty of wiggle room. I buy at least a full size larger main liner than my regular shoe size. One pair is actually two shoe sizes larger. The thinner blanket wool inner liners are a three piece construction that have a dedicated sole and two piece upper, so they’re not super baggy but still fit easily over a pair of base layer socks and heavyweight wool socks, but comfortably inside the main liner. I made them using a fleece sock pattern I found online.

        I use a pair of fairly structured insoles inside my main liners to help provide a little arch support and relief from the snowshoe contacting my foot. They also help prevent little poky things like sticks hiding under the snow from terrorizing my feet.
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          I'll be making my own because even a size too large I can't abide the toe pressure of the standard felt insulating liners, hence the heavy blanket inquiry


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            You fellers make way more of this style of footwear than we Aussies, does anybody ever add a layer of hide to the sole of an inner?
            I just got a few really nice kangaroo hides delivered and these are chrome tanned so not suitable for moccasins but good for hut booties.
            Beautiful leather and at $10- each I should have purchased a dozen more than I did Click image for larger version

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            So far a 3 layer system, purple inner sock [ still not right so tossing and starting again] then the white woollen frieze plus polar fleece footsie and a windproof overboot made with 2 layers of 40GSM double scrimmed Thinsulate. The synthetic is because we have very wet snow.
            Thinking of the leather sole for the white over sock to use as a hut bootie.
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              Just found somebody in New Zealand making and selling possum moccasins
              They look very warm
              These moccasins are fully lined with possum fur and various fabrics on the outside with leather on the base. Has batting between the fur and leather to give extra softness and elastic to hold in place. Slippers now have black leather on the sole. Size based on Australian / New Zealand sizing Sizes are: 3, 4, 6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12 for men 5, 6, 8, 9.5, 11, 12.5, 14 for women Made by Bear Cottage

              I just sent them an email asking how much extra to make them tall to fit inside gumboots


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                Here's a question for people.
                Has anybody tried moulded foam liners from Intuition as a substitute for woollen liners>
                I was thinking about using Intuition liners inside NEOS boots for soggy conditions


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                  Originally posted by Moondog55
                  Here's a question for people.
                  Has anybody tried moulded foam liners from Intuition as a substitute for woollen liners>
                  I was thinking about using Intuition liners inside NEOS boots for soggy conditions
                  Those would likely work great. I use Neos Adventurer models with either regular athletic shoes for temps down to -12C or so then I switch to set of pack boot liners for temperatures below that and they work great for me.




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                    The woollen liners and DIY leather and canvas shells are so much cheaper than the purchased solution, how do Neoprene Muck boots do in soggy conditions?