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    What do you use for boots, socks, etc. to stay dry, comfortable and warm while winter camping?

    I have Steger Mukluks 1/2 size bigger than needed. I use calf high USGI 90% wool socks and silk sock liners. My mukluks consist of the standard outer shell and wool felt liner. I place Red Superfeet insoles inside the felt wool liner.

    In camp I have a pair of Neos Navigator 5 overshoes, but not used as an overshoe. I have a pair of steger mukluk wool liners (serves as a backup if needed on the trail) inside the overshoe with reflectix insole under the wool. These are warm, waterproof and easy on/off while in camp. I find it important that every items serves double duty. these could easily be my trail boot when stuff is wet or something happens to my steger muks.

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    I too use my Steger mukluks most of the time. They're coupled with medium to heavy wool socks from either Smartwool or an old pair of LL Bean boot socks. When it's wet & sloppy, I'll go with my old Sorels that are still holding up after about 20 years. In my tent, I have a very old pair of booties filled with Polarguard that have a sole made from CCF foam encased in Cordura nylon. Originally the nylon shell was royal blue but now they're mostly patched in Duct tape. Folks can laugh all they want but they still work and my feet are always toasty when I wear them.

    That's all for now. Take care and until next well.



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      I have a pair of Baffin Pac Boots that I picked up second hand ( or foot ) and a pair of Canadian Army Mukluks which were also used.

      It's very difficult to get good boots for cold conditions over here and both of these needed better liners.

      Baffin were about as useful as a chocolate teapot when I contacted them so I ordered some thick wool felt liners and insoles from your side of the pond via a friend that could post them over to me.

      The advantage now is the both pairs share the same liners which helps considerably with logistics when I'm out in the snow.
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        LOVE LOVE my LoTN winter moc's (I bought the kit so had to put in the sweat equity). Deer hide lower, cotton uppers and wool liner. Wear them all the time inside and out in these frigid temps. Nothing has worked as well as these for keeping the feet warm. Every other winter boot my feet freeze in most likely due to moisture build up inside the boot.
        Only improvement I can make for me is a outer liner so the moc's don't get wet hanging out in the hot tent.


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          Mukluks. As a youngster my old dad bought me some, and after that I was sold. You can go about four ways with Mukluks:

          1) Traditional hand made waterproof
          2) Traditional hand made non-waterproof
          3) Modern waterproof
          4) Modern non-waterproof

          My latest set are number 3, NEOS brand Navigator 5’s, consisting of a Vibram ‘Ninja’ sole with knee high waterproof upper, and Baffin polar rated liners. Great for very cold weather or slush when it ‘warms up’. Very lite weight, feet never cold (using the extreme rated Titan liners).
          NEOS modern muks are very popular in Nunavut- far north Canada. There are also reviews on NEOS Canada of users wearing NEOS over their Stegers.

          PS- Forgot to post my socks, sizing etc.
          Socks: Darn Tough T4050 79% Wool
          Layered over DT socks: Wiggy’s Lamilite Socks sz 10

          Normal shoe size: 10
          Baffin Titan Polar Liners: 11
          NEOS Navigator 5: XXL
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            For my modern boots, I have the tall Arctic Mucks. I had a pair of Steger Mukluks for over 20 years before the finally were laid to rest and I do plan on picking up another pair at some point. Usually just wear one or two pairs of wool socks depending on the weather. Thinner merino wool on the bottom and thicker wool socks over the thinner when wearing two.

            For my Viking Age kit, I currently just have the standard leather shoes/boots that were common during the Viking Age. The darker pair have a modern lugged sole on them for safety and I use those for combat for added safety. The pair on the left are all leather and have yet to be christened in the snow. I use sno-seal on them to protect them. In the summer, I wear a modern insole inside to help with support. During the winter, I take that out and put in sheepskin insoles and then two layers of socks if it is super cold out. Pretty much the same as the above setup. I do have one pair of socks that are made using an ancient stitching method called Nalbinding (Needle-binding), which is what we have evidence for from the Viking Age. I use those as the inner socks and I plan to have some made for me out of thicker wool yarn for the outter socks. So far they were pretty well.