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  • Steger Mukluk Sizing?

    Hey, all. I'm going to get a pair of Steger mukluks and was wondering what those of you who have them would recommend in terms of size based on normal shoe size? I read on their site that they're true to shoe size, but wonder how that shakes out in your experience. I wear a 9.5 daily, so would a size 10 or 11 be better in mukluks? I do have a high instep, so I see on their sizing info that I'll need to order a wide. Thanks in advance!

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    Five winters ago, I bought a pair of 13EE Steger Arctic "Extreme Weather" mukluks (rated to -40F) with an opportunity to try them on before purchasing. I wear size 11 for shoes and hiking boots. The mukluks fit beautifully. No squeeze. No slippage. They're my favorite outdoor footwear and I can't wait each winter to wear them. Here's the thing...when Steger says, "True to size fit", it means something other than your everyday shoe size. When I put my size 11 foot into their mukluk, my foot is surrounded by a Steger felt liner and a Steger insole and a Steger felt insole with a thick DarnTough sock. 13EE is meant for size 11 feet - meaning my size 11 feet fit into their size 11 space in a mukluk called 13EE surrounded by insulation and moosehide covering. My mukluks came with a second felt insole but I also have a high arch and the fit squeezes too much with the 2nd felt insole.

    With your 9.5 shoe size, you might even be looking at a Steger 12 depending on the cold rating of the mukluk, thickness of sock(s) and number of insoles. If you don't want/need much insulation, I would lean to Size 11. But if you have a high arch and like lots of insulation, then consider Size 12.


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      Excellent! Thanks for the info!


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        I have two pair, and I seem to recall that I just followed theirs sizing recommendations, and I'm happy with how they fit.


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          I wish there was a better way to figure out shoe sizing. Here's wikipedia Shoe size - Wikipedia​ for some background ideas/terms... and here's another data point from me:

          My bare foot measures as a size 11 with a wide toe box, and I use a superfeet insole, which means a size 12 shoe (the last size not the foot size, some would say) with a wide toe box fits right for summer/fall shoes, and size 13 with a wide toe box fits for a wintershoe with thicker socks. For more narrow shoes I need to add on another size up to not get any toe squeeze (i.e. my winter insulated workboots are 14.)

          I bought 13W (wide) Steiger Mukluks mostly because I found them used on Ebay for a good price. It turns out that this is about right for me. Mukluks seem to have a bit more width and sloppy fit, but I feel I needed the 13W and a 13 would have been too tight.

          However, I suspect that a 14W would be what I would want if I knew I was going to spend most of my time in arctic conditions (e.g.-40), because I would want to wear double socks and more insoles and I think 13W would be tight for me with double socks. Double socks barely fit, but I haven't really been able to test them at -40. It seems like it might be a bit too tight and will crush the socks too much. (I have some nice Western Mountaineering down booties that I can wear in camp and I'm sure those would keep me plenty warm while stationary at -40 and 13W with one sock is probably fine for warmth while moving at -40. So I think I'm set, but I still need -- and want! -- a lot more time winter camping to truly know how well this works.) I've only been in -20 with this set-up!)

          So I would say, go up one size (and one time wider if you have wider feet) from your fall hiking boots, but consider going up two sizes (and wider if appropriate) if you are going to be in mostly arctic conditions.

          Hope this is helpful in some way!
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            By the way, here's another forum where they basically recommend going up one size for cold weather and two sizes for very cold weather: Steger mukluks fit question | Bushcraft USA Forums

            Let us know what you decide and how it works out for you!


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              Many thanks again, all. Very helpful info all around.


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                I agree with all above. I too normally wear a 13 shoe. With the steger arctic muks, I wear a 14EE. Have been for years and works great, no issues going in size and width.