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  • Guide Gear Stove Mods

    Attached are photos of what I did to my Guide Gear wood stove to make it work. I found that the included flue pipe was way too heavy, didn't draw well, and was odd size. I talked to Don at Four Dog stove, and a couple other "stove guru" friends of mine and this is what I came up with. I used a McMaster Carr 4" duct flange to go up to 4". I welded a flat plate on top to be able to cut the hole with a hole saw. I put my baffle high on the pipe to try to have more stove. Just an option if you find yourself with one of these stoves. The only other thing I may do, is add a baffle. This stove is heavy, but a good work horse and I've had decent luck after modifications.

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    These are great mods to this stove. I am sure they made a huge difference!