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4" one piece roll up stove pipe?

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  • 4" one piece roll up stove pipe?

    Hi: I would like to replace the sectional stove pipes on my stove with a one piece roll up pipe. Would someone know the thickness required for the pipe? I have heard that rolling the pipe the first time is challenging, if anybody could supply any information about this I would much appreciate your time and information.
    Thank you!!

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    Check I used a plastic pipe to roll my pipe around for the first time. I taped the sheet to pipe to help get an even roll.


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      Are you referring to using Ti stove pipe?
      Beyond what BV linked has Ti stove pipe as well. And yes first setup needs a bit of patience but once burned in it will have a memory
      Dustin and Joe show us how to roll stove pipe and prepare it for the first burn.


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        You're sort of in luck.

        Titanium shim stock that most stove manufacturers offer is really limited to 12" wide rolls. This is too narrow for 4" dia. since you'll need at least 14" or more to allow for a bit of overlap on the pipe to seal. My quick search doesn't show titanium in really anything wider than 12" but it doesn't mean its not out there, I have been able to find it.

        McMaster-Carr offers 316 annealed stainless shim stock in 24" wide rolls. I'd recommend .005" thickness, this will be very heat resistant (300 series) and will be thin enough to act and temper just like the titanium roll, very small weight penalty.

        McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 595,000 products. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day.

        Yes, before you "temper" the pipe the first time can be a challenge. anything small and round will help you roll it up, I used a couple xmas wrapping rolls.


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          Thank you all for the great information. I appreciate your input!