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Here they come....the knock off stoves

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  • Here they come....the knock off stoves

    In the interest of science, I googled 'Tent Stove' on

    What came up was a strange parallel to the junk we see for clothing. Grainy photos lead you forward to brands like "Gladys Store, Happybuy, and Fltom". The prices are appealing, but a quick scan of their other offerings shows household goods, assisted living aids, leggings, dog training collars, and potty chairs. I didn't chase down where they may have pirated their imagery or text, but the warning is clear.

    Shop smart
    Shop small
    Check your sources

    Apparently winter camping looks like a target-rich market for these dweebs. The result is probably as disappointing as what you get for your $79/$59/$39 'wool anoraks',

    Holy cow- try "hot tent" while you are there...
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    Definitely have seen a rise in this for sure. Disappointing that these companies feel the need to pirate phots/videos to promote gear that is falsely advertised. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people see the low price tag and go for it, ultimately not receiving what they expected, and wasting hard earned money......




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      Yep, I have been coming across some sketchy looking tents and woodstoves people have bought and displayed on some Reddit camping groups. Whenever I go to look them up, they are usually being sold on I do not trust purchasing anything from that site.


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        Some overseas markets have made it their life mission to make cheap copies of everything. Some even being sold under the exact same name (counterfeits).

        The outdoor and clothing markets are not the only ones affected. This pirated and counterfeit market is valued at 1.7 TRILLION world wide. Its a beast that probably cannot be stopped without major gov't intervention.


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          I recall seeing the Asian knockoffs hitting the back tents at OR about day 3 of the Summer Expo. Their speed was amazing.