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  • Master List- Quality Stoves

    Has anyone got a master list of quality wood stoves not made in china?

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    I don't but a few items that would likely be included.
    • Seek Outside (For those looking for light weight functionality).
    • Four Dog Stoves (I know them on by reputation, never seen one in the field).
    • KniCo (Inexpensive, simple, and highly functional). My trekker has given me many good nights.


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      I've got a Riley stove that seems to be working out pretty well for me.


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        I started making my own stainless steel stoves. Was tired with the carbon versions always rusting and seizing. Not many choices out there for North American made portable wood stoves. I've attached a few pics.



        • Minnesotian
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          Lou, that's some nice looking craftsmanship on that stove. I like the lower position of the shelf, I can see how that is useful for heating/baking food. And is the baffle fixed in place? Or can it be moved?

        • Lou
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          The baffle can be removed if desired. Gets snapped into place. Made in Canada using Canadian and USA raw materials, including all of the fasteners and the stainless steel damper.
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        I contacted a company about Titanium, but they only do stainless. I know it isn’t a big market but I think many would like to liten their loads wherever possible. My mess kit for instance now has a titanium cup/pot instead of steel canteen cup, but that is for another thread. Fella I know got a Ti stove recently, but its from china.


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          A very, very small market. This is why you won't find much selection when it comes to portable hot tent stoves made out of Titanium, North American made that is. Especially with the ever increasing costs of raw materials due to Covid.


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            Well it’s really due to governments trying to put the squeeze on the people. There is really no reason to stop ships from moving product..