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    Has anyone out there used Riley Stoves? I've got a couple and like them. They don't rust, warp and are relatively light. I don't ever seem to hear about them from the winter camping community and I'm curious if anyone else out there has any experience with Riley. My only complaint is their legs are useless for our purposes, but I build my own leg system out of sheet metal...

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    I've got one, and am happy with it. I do have a little surface rust on the top, I assume from overheating? I'm not too concerned with it.

    I can heat my 14x16 wall tent with it, and it will hold coals all night for a quick re light in the morning.

    I agree about the legs. It's nice that they come off and store easily, but they are annoying to install, and are always a little crooked. Not annoyed enough, yet to modify.


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      the rust is normal. just brush it off with a wire brush and hit it with some cooking oil before storage. You could also use bbq stove paint to touch up the rust.

      I've never used one but looks like a decent American made stove for that price point.