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How do “you” pack your wood stove

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  • How do “you” pack your wood stove

    Hey Everyone,
    looking to see how everyone packs their wood stove for a trip. We have an Alaskan Jr. and have always just used the original box. Looking for something a little more versatile and potentially re-purposed while not in use.

    weight is an issue so making a ply box isn’t ideal but obviously the easy solution. There is a bag available from LofN but sold out.

    What is everyone else doing?

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    I use a square of heavy waxed canvas that's about 5x5, I'm not worried so much about dents and dings as I am about it shedding soot everywhere, that square becomes my floor covering for my "working area" where I split kindling, shave tinder, or cook. Being waxed canvas it resists sparks, and doesn't absorb dirt or water well, and also is somewhat non-slip. I can shake it out as needed, and hose it down in the spring.


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      Well not surprisingly I use one of the bags that I make and sell. I usually lay my welding mat in first, drop the stove on top. Reflector shields go down the sides and then last go the welding gloves on top.
      Protective carry bag for your tent stove. Available to fit all stoves commonly in use with custom sizes available to order. Colours to match your other bags available on request. Available with integrated lashing straps that include a hook and adjuster buckle to fasten your bag directly to your toboggan without the need for additional straps (see video on tank bag pages)


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        Well I’m glad I asked. Sold! (Ordered)

        Thank you!
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      I have a custom wood stove bag I've made. Works well but it could use some improvements.


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        My stove bag made by BV is wonderful! I also picked up a toboggan 4 or 5ft bag. Love his work. Enjoy it.


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          Wow. Thanks for the link to CanoePaddler. Some great products there.


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            I've been using one of BV's stove bags for a few years. Its perfectly oversized to carry the welding blanket, aluminum shielding. And because I'm traveling by ski doo, I add a piece of 3/8 plywood under the stove, inside the bag for extra protection from the beating it takes in the toboggan. Very well constructed bag.

            Definitely check out his products, I have a few other items and very pleased with everything.


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              Just thought I would chime in and say that I ended up getting Bothwell Voyageur's stove bag that he sells and it is exactly what I have been looking for all these years. Like him, I also put my welding blanket down first to protect the bag from wear and tear from the corners of the stove. What I really appreciate is the just enough extra room to stash reflectors, welding blankets and some other flat little things. Now I am wondering if there is enough room to build a fold down bench/table that can store in this.

              Thanks much Bothwell Voyageur for a fine piece of gear.


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                I will second Minnesotian on the BV ( stove bag. Exactly what we were looking for as the cardboard box we have been using is starting to show some signs of ware and tear (go figure).

                WCS networks comes through again!

                stay warm folks….


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                  good to hear they are working out. I've recently been using the stove bag pattern to make tent bags as well, in a lighter fabric of course and am pleased with how that is working.