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D.I.Y. Stove Baffle First Burn

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  • D.I.Y. Stove Baffle First Burn

    Made an insert stove baffle out of 22 gauge sheet metal based on Minnesotian's design. I built the false bottom out of 16 gauge because of the weight of the wood and being in contact with the hot coals, which almost looks new after the first burn. The 22 gauge baffle top sagged in the middle. I don't know if this affects performance or not? I don't have a infrared heat gun, but the stove was notably hotter in front of the chimney and to the side of it. From the pic is looks like there is a lot of wasted space but that is from the angle of the camera. The baffle is essentially even with the top of the opening of the stove. Overall I am happy with the first burn but would love any advice or feedback.
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    Nice job tinkering to get it just right. I have a different stove altogether requiring a different baffle design, so it may not work the same as yours. That said, it makes a HUGE difference in mine. Enjoy!


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      Looks great! I had some warpage on mine as well, especially after this last weekend of burning for about 4 days straight. Didn't notice it affecting the burn output any. I could see a nice stripe of glowing red on the top to the stove, which usually was around the stove pipe, so that was good to see.

      I am already thinking over how to do a different baffle for next year.


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        I'm really looking forward to getting my Four Dog stove and seeing how he does his baffle. If I can mimic the length and depth from the stove pipe I think that would be very helpful. I would like to mount it permanently when I get the ratio right.


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          Nice work! I made a baffle for my kni-co as well, makes a difference in heat output and boils water better.