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Burned in the stove today!

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  • Burned in the stove today!

    Large Knico from Snowtrekker (so an Alaskan, I guess). Won't have the tent for a few more weeks but was fun to play around with, boil some water, etc. Question for the pros, is there a good link/resource/rule of thumb for playing with the damper settings (door and flue)? It seems intuitive to me that they should roughly match, but happy to hear if I'm wrong in that assumption. Thanks!

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    I have not found a resource, but I did do a lot experimenting with an infrared thermometer. Other than getting the fire started I have the exhaust damper closed 3/4 of the way, or just cracked. Depending on the species of wood, thickness, moisture, etc., and what temp I am trying to achieve determines the front intake opening. A magnetic thermometer really helps know where you're at as well.
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      I use those magnetic thermometers on all my wood stoves; even in my home. They really take the guess work out of whether you're burning at a good rate or not. They weigh next to nothing and have always seemed very accurate to me. Don't think you'll go wrong if you decide to use one.

      That's all for now. Take care and until next well.


      PS - I picked up mine from Lehman's; a company in Ohio that caters to the Amish communities. They have a catalog so they're easy to find.


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        Been waiting since May to get to this moment, but will be burning-in a Four Dog steel stove tomorrow morning. Temps are beautiful this week (Indian Summer), but will start falling next week so I'll be setting up my home office winter quarters soon. Stove prep comes first. What have y'all learned since March that you didn't know then?



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          Nice, how did it go?


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            I had some seasoned maple and ash ready so when I fired 'er up, I had a nice, hot fire with no smoke. Dang near perfect burn. Today I putzed around with positioning the stove in my tent. Once I have the smokestack stable and supported, I'll be ready for the low temps coming soon.