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Grounded wood stove?

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  • Grounded wood stove?

    A curiosity question...any concerns/advice/knowledge about resting a wood stove directly on a flat surface without using legs? I'm looking for answers in relation to a steel Four Dog stove and its performance in backyard cooking applications so don't fret about scorching the forest duff, leaving a crop circle (rectangle?) in a prairie field, or having inefficient heating within a tent. My curiosity is more along the line of resting on concrete blocks or flat stones. Thanks for feedback.

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    I’m no stove doctor, but the first thing that comes to mind would be overheating the bottom of the stove. I think you need the airspace underneath to help regulate the heat, but also could be 100% dead flat wrong.
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      That's exactly what I was wondering - but don't recall ever reading anything about it. Perhaps it's one of those things that's so obviously common sense that no one does it. Or is so rarely done (but doable) that it doesn't get written about.