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  • Stove mat question

    Does anyone use a fire resistant mat under their stove? The fiberglass/silicone type? I was thinking of getting one to help with snow melt around the stove. I already use a reflector/Shield underneath my kni-co stove but get a fair amount of melt around the stove. I see that Montana Canvas, Winnerwell and a few others manufacture these and was hoping others could share pro’s/con’s before I pull the trigger and purchase one.

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    Siliconized fiberglass is just modern weld blanket material if you want to make something custom (same stuff many stove jacks are made from). That material is a good choice especially if you're already using a reflective layer because the silicone is fire retardant but will absorb heat.

    If you're just looking for silicone fiberglass material it doesn't need to be sewn, a pair of scissors will cut through it just fine.

    IMHO You may be better off with another layer of reflective fire resistant material on the ground will be more effective. The stuff is not too bad to sew or staple. It can be had by the yard here:

    I'd also recommend the use of Kevlar thread. Spools can be found on amazon.

    I have worked with both materials a few times making custom shields, stove jacks, etc.


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      Heavy Duty, so your recommendation is to go with the aluminum fiberglass? It reflects heat well according to the website you linked. Thanks, I’ll order a yard, shouldn’t need any more than that. Thanks again....

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      Yes, Aluminum fiberglass would work the best. many weld blankets are designed for spark/fire reduction. Aluminized fiberglass has those properties plus thermal reflectivity. Hopefully you'll be shocked how cold it is under the mat.

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    I use a stove mat I purchased from Snowtrekker.