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  • Cleaning/Maintaining Stove

    Good day all!

    I just wanted to get some ideas on cleaning/maintaining/preventing rust on my kni co stove between uses.

    I have usually just taken some steel wool and vegetable oil to the outside after a trip to clean surface rust/prevent/protect it but curious if anyone else has any other suggestions?

    Winters almost here!


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    As long as you clean the snow off and don’t leave it sitting somewhere damp it shouldn’t be a problem over winter. Our winters are sol cold there’s no residual moisture so no rusting. Don’t bring it into the warm though, leave in an unheated shop. Of course if you live on the west coast your experience may be different.


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      I just spray and wipe down with WD-40.
      I enjoy the Ti stoves though for the zero maintenance vs steel


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        I maintain my stove once a year at the end of the season. For my steel stoves I clean the outside first, wire wheel the rust or areas with chipped or worn paint. I give the stove another coat of bbq black paint. Fire the stove up in the back yard (not in a tent). Once the paint is cured and cooled, I clean the stove out completely, I use a long brush to remove any loose soot inside the stove pipes.

        Once I'm all done with the cleaning and prep work I take a rag and soak it in fluid film (lanolin based rust proofing/lubricant spray) and wipe down the stove top to bottom, let it air out for a while and then wipe down the excess after a few hours. Once that's done I put all the goodies back inside the stove and put it on the shelf for next winter.