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    Hey winter camping friends! Being that all of our expos and big gatherings have been canceled by covid, I'll be doing an online presentation this Wednesday, December 16th, about outdoor and wildlife photography. It starts at 8 p.m. Eastern and will run 90-minutes with lots of photos and humorous stories from a lifetime of (mis)adventuring outdoors. The presentation is a fundraiser for our company, The Outdoor Kind, which works to educate outdoors enthusiasts on safety and wildfire prevention. (Some of you attended my four-season Oh Sh!t Kit presentation at the 2019 Winter Camping Symposiums - both in Ontario and Minnesota!) If you're interested in learning more, please go to:

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    Thanks for putting this on! I've got the popcorn.


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      Originally posted by Heavy Duty
      Thanks for putting this on! I've got the popcorn.
      Hope you can make it! If someone can't attend at that time, though, we're going to keep it up for a full week afterward so they can watch it at their convenience!


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        That's a great idea. My wife would like to watch it, she'll be working during live presentation.


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          Great JV. Glad you are able to get a presentation out there. I will be busy during that time, but will follow up on it. Thank you for the support!



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            Hi John!

            I’m glad you posted this here, because I missed your pitch on Canoehound’s show last night (I was watching the Hobbit with my kids. Not the new hobbit movies, but the old animated film from the 70’s).