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Relatively inexpensive (less than $50) Christmas gift ideas for a winter camper

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  • Relatively inexpensive (less than $50) Christmas gift ideas for a winter camper


    This has been done in the past on other winter camping forums but it's thread I really enjoy reading. I like to see posts from others to see as it helps me come up with things to add to my own Christmas wish list.

    Here are my contributions to see if I can start a similar thread:

    Epiphany Pocket Bellows Collapsible Fire Bellowing Tool - $14.99 on their site (, $13.99 on Amazon. I've had this for several years and given as gifts to camping buddies. I love this tool and use it with my wood stove to get a flame restarted without having to open the door and let smoke into the tent.

    Uberleben Tindar Wick - $12.00 on their site ( I just got it this fall and played around with it in the backyard but have yet to use it out in the snow. I am looking forward to it.

    Happy Holidays to everyone.
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    Mora Knife, Firesteel, Welding Gloves for Woodstove, USB lights for tent, paracord, sharpening puck, Fatwood fire starter, Camp Pillow, Darn Tough Wool Socks............



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      Wool watch cap style hats and toques are always nicer. Liner gloves and mitts. Balaclava, neck gaiter, scarf. A book buy a favourite author (actual print edition, no batteries required). Extra rechargeable batteries for the flashlights, lanterns, etc. USB battery banks chargers. There are lots if idea for gifts under $50 for the winter camper. A new jar of SnoSeal for the leather goods.




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        lucy light is great gift


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          Snow stakes, I have used the Nature Hike ones from Aliexpress for years and have been happy.

          Many have suggested USB lights but I have had exceptional luck with a set of ones powered by 3 AA batteries. I found a cheap string at my local discount ship for $2 that have been using the last two years. On one set of batteries lasts a whole year (about 20 long winters nights plus a few summer trips) usage. Mine have about 10 lights, maybe 6 feet long. The batteries get swapped at the start of a new year, I have never had them die on me.

          Liner gloves, again the Nature Hike ones have worked really well for me.

          Good hot beverages of all sorts, Hot Coco, Tea, Coffee, died soup, etc.

          A good low reading thermometer with automatic over night low recording. I have been happy with the Elitech RC-5; it records down to -30C, is tiny, and easy to read.

          Water bottle insulator(s).