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  • Chimpac

    I am not sure how things work on the new winter trekker site. In my old age I enjoy experimenting with the equipment required to be comfortable eating my breakfast every morning by a tiny tin can wood stove under a closed in tarp. I have greatly simplified my gear. It makes me mad at myself I did not think of these improvements before. I will eventually post pictures with how to make each item so I can pass on stuff before I kick the bucket. I have been banned from other forums for questioning moderators who know it

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    Experimenting and making your own equipment that works with everyone's style of camping is half the fun. If you're nice and respectful to others, you'll be fine here, nobody has been banned for being different.


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      Glad you are here. I have always enjoyed seeing the photos of your homemade wood stoves. The baffle design I still have trouble picturing tho. One of these days I need to just put snips to metal to see how it all goes together. Looking forward to more photos and designs.