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Can you believe we are so blessed to do this

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  • Can you believe we are so blessed to do this

    My second time out with my Snowtrekker Basecamp 9x11.5 and it again is crazy warm. First time here, I love canoe camping and this will lead me to a another level area in the winter
    anyways this one was a easy one
    can you imagine our ancestors good grief
    ha later

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    Peshtigo river is a plus and a go again
    I am set up
    chillin and chili tonight


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      A good hot tent has extended my camping seasons immeasurably! Love my Snowtrekker.


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        I agree. What I really like about the snowtrekker tent so far is the comfort inside. I have used tepee tents (SO) the last 5 years. I am 6’4” even the 6 man I have to stand right near the center (which will be close to the pipe). With the Basecamp I can walk around (I mean with in reason). In the winter when it is really cold out it is not like you can just chill outside like I did this last weekend because it was so nice. I can’t wait to chill in the snowtrekker (after all the work). The only downside so far I can see is the bulk and the weight. There is no perfect tent but I hope and believe I have found one that matches what I need. I do know that for late fall and late spring canoe camping when I can relax outside I probably will bring my seek outside teepee and stoves because they take so much less room and weight (even though my nova craft 16 foot prospector does handle the weight well even with two energetic dogs). The space (bulk with the tent and kni co stove) is the most part, I am sure I will see this during winter too. But I truly feel it will be worth it and can’t wait!!
        Thanks awbrown and everyone else!