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Lake Vermilion to Burntside Lake

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  • Lake Vermilion to Burntside Lake

    I am planning a winter trip from Vermilion to Burntside. I enjoy challenging routes and plan on connecting to LIS (Little Indian Sioux river) just north of Chad lake and following it to Otter Lake. I can’t seem to find any info on this section of river other than what’s on my maps. Any info on this section of river would be great. I take it it sees very little, if any, traffic summer or winter. Thanks.

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    I have been south on LIS from the Echo Trail into Littlw Trout lake in the summer, but never in the winter. I’ve also done the vermilion to burntside Route in the summer via pine-chad-buck-crab lake. Both routes are great, with very little use. LIS doesn’t have a lot of flow, so should be well froze and no areas of concern outside of the few rapids. I recall the portage into or out of chad having some elevation, which might challenge the pulk pull. I have always wanted to do the LIS south route from the echo to vermilion in the winter. Would be doable to shuttle a car and do a point to point. I believe the resort at the end of mud creek road (lake Verm) also charges a nominal fee for parking. I had a buddy that did a winter trip on phantom creek in that country; he said it was great. Hitting the creeks that are inaccessible in the summer is pretty cool.