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How to post photos (super easy)

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  • How to post photos (super easy)

    If you're mucking through how to post photos here, here are some instructions and a desktop video showing how:

    Embedded in the post itself:
    1. Put the cursor where you want the photo to display
    2. Click the photo icon in the toolbar just above the text box (it has a sun and two mountain peaks)
    3. If the photo is on your computer, click the "upload" tab.
    4. Click "Choose File" and select the photo you want to display
    5. Click the "Send it to the Server" button
    6. Optional: You can resize the photo to best fit your post. For starters, try changing the width to a value between 600 to 800.
    7. In the next screen, click "OK."
    8. Your photo is now in your post. Note that you can also resize it in the menu just below the text box you're typing in (thumbnail, medium, large, full size)
    As an attachment that will show up at the end of your post:
    1. Click the blue camera icon (tool bar, upper left)
    2. Click "Upload" (not "Upload Attachments")
    3. You can stop at one or upload multiple photos and reorder them by clicking and dragging.
    4. Click "Continue" to attach the photo to your post.
    If the photo you want to post is on a website:
    1. You can still post it using one of the two methods discussed above.
    2. Right click the photo and select "copy image address." The url has to end in jpg, png, or gif to work.
    3. To add the photo into your post, follow those steps and paste what you copied into the URL box
    4. To attach the photo to your post, follow those steps, click "Upload from URL," and paste what you copied into the box.