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  • Ice Chisel Recommendation?

    I have been just melting snow, and it works fine for me, but thinking of picking up an ice chisel. Don't really know where to start with brand and length. I'm 6 foot tall if that maters. Thinking of wood handle as I would likely have it as a secondary option and prefer wood to metal handles in the winter. Would also be open to purchasing the chisel alone and making my own handle. Any suggestions welcome, especially something than can be picked up locally or used.

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    I got an ice chisel off Craigslist a long time ago. Looked like the guy had taken a chunk of cold-rolled steel and welded it to a pipe that had a handle that nestled into itself and screwed together when in use to make it about 6' in length. Worked good, just heavy then all get out. Been using a hand auger ever since. Just got a Nils 6" folding one last fall and it is quick. Any specific reason why you are going with ice chisel?


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      I've been camping along some shallow creeks and rivers that I believe would damage the blades on most augers. I don't really care about weight on my winter trips, but packing is still an issue. I figures it would be easier to pack a chisel head or even a 60 inch long one strapped to the top of the sled.


      • #4 has one. I've spoken with Don but I've not ordered from him. He (and his shop) are kind of a treasure lost in time. I ended up ordering mine from Lure of the North before they shut down their retail business. It works great. Slower than an auger, but as you point out, easier to pack and less delicate. On occasion it's also handy for testing ice.

        I seem to remember reading about someone who modified a heavy pneumatic chisel bit for use as an ice chisel.


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          Bought a socket chisel and made my own handle. Quick response with price and shipped promptly.


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            Thank you for the recommendations. I hadn't heard anything and I had a trip planned for the last week of FEB so I put the call out on the BWCA Forum and kind member sold me one that was just what I was looking for. Just haven't had time to take pics and post it yet. 6 foot octagon shaped handle out of Spruce or Balsam Fir. Came with a leather sheath. I just touched up the blade (it had not been used in years) cleaned the rust off, beeswaxed the handle and she's perfect for me.
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