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End of my First Season

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  • End of my First Season

    I never thought I would like winter camping. The cold, all the work that would have to go into it. Having purchased a tent, stove, cot, BRS, tank bag, etc. all since January and getting three great trips in, I feel incredibly blessed. I'm very thankful for all the trip reports and to everyone who answered any of my questions. I think that was part of my hesitation, knowing things could really go south if I didn't know what I was doing. I think the best advise I received was to start close to my vehicle in case I had any problems. While there is a steep learning curve, I already feel like a veteran. Surviving my first several nights at -15 F and then thriving on the following trips after some adjustments. I truly enjoy how a hot tent can get me from that last canoe trip in November till the first paddle of the season in April. Winter was not a long, painful burden this year, but rather a joy. I found no competition for sites, fresh clean air, and peace. To quote Calvin Rutstrum, "...and having peeked momentarily into paradise below zero, their mundane lives could never again be quite the same."

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    Congrats! And welcome to the group. I had a similar experience with the perceived easier winters once I started winter camping too. Now go an thoroughly dry out that tent!


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      That’s great! I especially like that quote. Thanks for sharing. I love everything about winter camping, right up to the part where you gotta strike camp and head for home. Then the real work begins, eh?! 🥴


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        Mental goals are just as important as physical ones. Struggle is good, and accomplishment that is hard earned is the most rewarding. Good for you!