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What does your average load weigh?

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  • What does your average load weigh?

    I’ve been hot tent camping for 18 years now. The last 5 or so I’ve been focusing on reducing weight to enable farther, faster and more enjoyable trekking. Just curious if this is an area of thought for any one else? What does your total load weigh for an average trip? Where have you cut large amounts of weight? How much weight are hot-tenters hauling compared to cold campers?

    I used to haul 130+ pounds. When I started weighing things I was shocked. The last several trips I’ve gotten it down to the 80-90 pound range with out really sacrificing any comfort. That is including all gear, food, water and the toboggan itself for a 3-5 day trip.

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    Hi. I usually camp solo, making it an imperative to get the weight down. I am now at about 30 kg (65 lbs) including everything and food for a few days. The biggest savings came from converting a 3 season nylon tent to winter use, and using a very small and lightweight wood stove. The latter is made from a 1 gallon paint can. This is a load I can easily manage by myself.



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      Good question. I haul around 90lbs on a 11ft toboggan (weight includes toboggan) I go ultra light "inspired" on a lot of my gear. My tent weighs 6lbs and my stove weighs 4.5 lbs. I use ice fishing shanty anchors so the stakes add some weight that's around 6lbs. I carry a good bit of food and some creature comforts like a camp chair, steel cookware, etc. I could cut another 15-20lbs out easily if I wanted to but I find a balance.


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        You had a presentation at the WCS last year that was a great overview of weight reduction. I took some of you advise from that class. Lighter bags, no boxes, and a conscious effort to reduce weight.
        My lightest solo setup last year was 60 lbs, with everything. The nylon shelter, and titanium stove made a HUGE difference!



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          I would say on an average trip my sled is in the 80 to 90lb range. On trips where I plan to travel 5 or more miles I can typically get my weight down around 60 which feels almost weightless while towing. On a few short trips where I know the towing will be easy I'm sure I have been up in the 120 to 130lb range.


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            Generally speaking for a few nights my load out is about 30lbs if I’m cold camping. If I’m hot tenting that’s goes 70lbs for a few nights including consumables. I find it’s all a balance of how long one is out side and how fast/how far I want to travel.