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  • Wolves and dogs

    I always worry about my dogs. After a discussion with a brother in law (he is an avid deer hunter from northern WIsconsin….he informed me wolves are getting much more brazen and unafraid of our scent. What do you guys think?
    I am heading up to the Nicolet National Forest for a night out tomorrow. I have two dogs a German shepherd and a little Maltease..(the Maltease always sleeps in my sleeping bag)
    exploring before the snow
    love it so much!
    thanks all

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    I live up north and most wolves I've encountered over the years are not particularly afraid of humans but tend to keep their distance.
    I've been approached and followed a few times, but their posture always appeared curious not aggressive.
    As far as dogs I think in the spring if dogs end up at rendezvous sites while pups are in the den it's highly likely that the dog will be attacked, I've seen and heard of it happening many times.

    I'm no large carnivore biologist, but if were me winter camping, I wouldn't be overly concerned about taking my dogs with me as long as they stayed relatively close to me or camp.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Temps started dropping last night.
    I was in the woods before sunup this morning, it was about 5F and beautiful by 7:30 the wind started picking up and it been gusting at about 15 Maybe 20 ever since, and I think it's supposed to stay that way for the next few days.


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      Thanks so much Justin!
      I am at my camp.. I feel so lucky to be able to experience this! And this was a new spot last year..and all my wood poles were still up against trees just like I left them..
      I am north and west of Crivitz.


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        when I worked in the bush we had a few "camp dogs" and had to be extremely careful around wolves, they were known to lure the dogs out then attack and try to kill them, same as they do with coyotes. they look at the dogs as competition for resources and breeding, one winter we lost 2 males (a lab and a golden) but the female king shepherd just disappeared, we heard later that she was adopted by the pack as a breeder...


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          Hey Bjorkman, like you, I am getting pretty excited about the upcoming winter trekking season!

          While I have never had my own dog killed by wolves, I know two people who have had their dogs killed by visiting wolves, one dog in Leaf Rapids (northern Manitoba), and one in Falcon Lake (SE Manitoba). The event in Falcon Lake was in mid-February in broad daylight - the wolves had come into the yard and the two labs inside the house were barking their heads off. The owner assumed it was the local squirrel again, and did not check to see why the dogs wanted out - just slid the patio door open and out they ran. One dog was back on the deck in seconds while the other fought with one of the wolves and was dragged off. The RCMP found it dead a half block away.
          Wolves are just being themselves. When more habituated to people they will appear to us to be more brazen, less cautious. When confronted with another canine, as Scoutergriz states, "they look at the dogs as competition" All wild canine species are intolerant of competition from strangers outside their pack or family group.

          When in wolf country I'd keep my dogs in sight all the time, and either tied very close by, or in the tent overnight.

          But just to keep perspective, aren't we lucky to be able to spend time in the same world as the wolves ?! Fascinating, and amazing!


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            Thanks you guys I appreciate it so much! I am heading back up tomorrow and I can’t wait…I will be cautious..I also cary a little 38 (just to scare away anything)
            I will be exploiting a new spot…Justin you are so lucky to live up there I have to drive 3 hours
            looks like there is some snow now so I will bring my sled…
            I’ll try and post a couple pics from last time
            truly appreciate it guys..sorry I take so long to respond Ian not to big on social media as I am 50..LOL


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              Too much fun


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                Explored a couple more places not much snow but at least enough to pull a is funny but for shorter trips which are los of mine.: prefers lighter weight Seek tents they are so easy to set up and dry. I love my Snowtrekker tent the most but it is a lot of work with set up and drying…lus I bought a big one..getting out again this weekend…it is funny this time of year I start to dream of canoeing..LOL